Mixed breed female, 1 year old and 55 pounds.

UPDATES: Sophie had her photo session and took part in a multi-dog play group. She was easy to leash up and walk, and as she made her way to the play yard, she stopped at various kennels to sniff and check out the occupant. She stayed longer at the kennel with her puppies, and her behavior was fine with all the dogs she "met." In the play area, she explored her surroundings and was very very happy overall. Sophie is an athletic dog, and we think she may enjoy various dog training and fun classes, like agility, obedienece, flyball. She seems very smart. Right now, Sophie does jump up, and although she has a very soft mouth, she may overwhelm young children. Sophie has confidence and wants to be near people. She's happy and exuberant. IN THE PLAY GROUP, Sophie was tolerant of the attention from the other dogs, but she did not want to interact much. After a while, she became more comfortable. She will give a correction to dogs if they are in her space. Our Adoption Coordinator will be able to give you more information about Sophie's play style, and we always suggest that any dogs in a potential new home meet our guests.

Sophie is a sweet, easy-going dog. She is Mom to the shelter's D puppies--Darlene, Dallas, Doc and Ducky and she's been a wonderful parent! Once the pups are adopted it's her turn to be loved and cared for! Sophie is good with other dogs and, given her gentle nature, we think she'd be good with kids as well. This gorgeous girl deserves a family of her very own. Is that you??