Terrier X NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 10 pounds.

PHOTOSHOOT UPDATE: Snoopy certainly enjoyed himself running around in the play yard. He's got a great little gallop, and sometimes a hop or two or three. This little guy will need a home with fencing, as he spent some time trying to figure out how to set out for parts unknown--AKA getting out of the yard. Snoop LOVES to chase balls, but he doesn't bring 'em back. All in all, we were delightedly entertained by this little rascal--and he is guaranteed to make you laugh.

And all ten pounds are adorable. Snoopy is a lively, happy dog. He's entertaining and fun running after a tossed ball. His approach to humans can only be described as JOYOUS! Snoops gets along with other dogs, and we think he might be good in a family with children of all ages. Snoopy is a BIG little dog!