Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 70 pounds.

PLAY GROUP NOTES: Simba participated in a multi dog play group, and he was social around his shelter mates.

Photoshoot update: Simba was well behaved and mellow during his photo session. He was a soft mouth. We enjoyed his company a lot...he's a big galoot and so sweet.

Simba is a great looking dog. As a puppy, Simba did not get to socialize enough with other dogs--something every canine needs. When we took him out in our mulit-dog play group, we observed that Simba is a dog who really wants to play with other dogs, but just doesn't know how! We're not saying he can't be in a home with other dogs, in fact a kind dog might help him adjust, but a meet and greet is required before adoption. This boy has such a sweet heart and wants nothing more than to please and to bond. We are so glad that he is young enough to learn how to be a great companion and that we have the chance to help him find his true forever home. We hope there's a loving, patient soul out there who will adore him as much as we do! We'll be taking Simba out for more play activities, and we will update his post in the days to come.