**Mixed breed SPAYED female, 2-3 years old and 53 pounds.

UPDATE 11.13.17 from Shiloh's foster Mom: Shiloh's been in foster care since the end of September. She's still timid, but has made lots of progress, and she's learning to trust her foster guardian. She spontaneously comes up to me now, seeking affection, and that took several weeks. SHILOH IS • Crate trained • Housebroken •Knows sit, look, find it, and started work on shake • Walks well on leash with the help of a Halti • Very dog friendly, loves to play with other canines, and she's been on lots of play dates with another shelter dog buddy • Has a soft mouth and takes treats very politely • Likes chew toys and kongs and massages. Shiloh's new guardians will need patience, as she will be stand-offish until she learns to trust, and the routine. (I feed her by hand to help develop trust and teach basic obedience.) If she’s being difficult, take a break and calm down, but never yell at a dog, especially a shy dog.

Areas that need focus and work: • chewing things she shouldn’t. • she rides pretty well in a vehicle, but does need encouragement to jump into the vehicle. • Shiloh is startled easily by unfamiliar noises, situations, and people. • Does best supervised in the house, and probably shouldn’t be left alone inside for long periods of time. • An obedience class would be helpful for her and her new human(s). • Would do best with a mentor dog, and a human who can spend a good amount of time with her.

UPDATE: SWEET and adorable Shiloh. We had a wonderful time with her during her photo session. She was a bit nervous when she got into the play yard, but she explored her new surroudings, and then happily took treats, with a soft and polite manner. Shiloh was not afraid of the camera, as are some dogs, but she was tentative. After a few minutes, she snuggled up to the photographer. We played fetch with her, throwing treats back and forth and she seemed jazzed! Shiloh will need some TLC to help her gain confidence. Although nervous, she had no problem getting close to the volunteers and getting lots of butt scratches!!!

Pretty Shiloh is a shy dog. She doesn't seem to like other dogs or cats, but she's definitely looking for her human best friend. We know that once Shiloh knows she is safe and loved she will blossom and grow into a wonderful companion. We also know how grateful and loyal she will be to the person who finally gives her the life she deserves. Won't you be this sweet girl's hero?