Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 88 pounds.

Outta the way all you Hollywood heroes--here comes Mr. Stunning! Whoa, this dog is gorgeous. And he's also playful with people, goofy, and a big tail-wagger! Shazom was very easy to leash up, and when he walked through the kennel area, he was very well mannered. In the play yard, he wowed us with his athletic antics. (and--we think he's housetrained!) Shazam knows sit, but what he really likes to do when he hears that, is flop down, roll over, and wiggle around. He just lOVES to get belly rubs, and you can see photographic proof below! When he gets excited, Shazam can be a little nippy. During his evaluation, Shazam met Sprout--a 14 pound Terrier girl, and his reaction to her was very sweet. Look here for updates!