Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 48 pounds.

PAJAMA PARTY UPDATE 2/9/19 Sellie went on an overnight with her PJ's in tow. Her foster family said she was great. She slept in a crate, and had no "accidents" in the house. She hung out happily for 30 minutes in their fenced back yard. Pajama Parties let us know lots more about our shelter guests. With that informtaion they can more easily find a home. Want to consider an overnight canine guest? Contact Sage at the shelter 707-467-6453. .

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Wow! What a great dog! When we took Sellie out for her off leash romp and photo shoot, she was easy to leash up, but she did pull on the leash. Sellie LOVES playing fetch, and she's not a ball hog--she will drop the ball at your feet and wait for you to throw. Sellie is beautiful, active, agile and athletic. She knows SIT and SHAKE. She was comfortable getting a brushing. We really enjoyed her company.

UPDATE 1/26: Don’t judge this girl by her kennel behavior. She is just excited to get out and once she is, she is a well behaved girl. I took her to the play yard where I discovered that she loves playing with the tennis ball. She will bring it back and give it to you most of the time. She knows sit and stay and loves her treats. She is gentle while taking treats. She loves to explore and had good reaction to another dog who came up to the fence to say hello. No barking just tail wagging for this good girl.

Sellie is an independent kinda dog. She's very easy to handle, but she will need to learn how to walk on leash politely, as she is so enthusiastic about life and everything she sees outdoors, she winds up pulling. Sellie wants to sniff everything she runs into or passes! Check back soon for updates about this great looking, young and happy girl.