Rottweiler, male, 2 years old and 93 pounds.

TRAINING WITH THE CCC UPDATE--Salem participated in a shelter training group on 10.5.19. He's a happy-go-lucky big guy who really wanted to do his own thing. His handler was able to deal with this, and when he was ready, do a little work, such as "sit." He also went on a pack walk, and did ok on leash. Even though he's big, he displayed a gentle demeanor. His new family. His new family should expect to take him to a training class, and to be consistent with working with him.

Salem participated in the monthly pack walk and training on 10.12.19. He initially was mouthy, but responded well to “no,” and was able to walk nicely on a short leash. He took treats with a soft mouth, and is treat motivated. He could be easily distracted, but did respond well to correction. He did well with finding tossed treats, and seemed to enjoy the activity. He was described as “really happy, and nice towards people.” He seems like he has the ability to be a fast learner, and will need consistency and patience from his new people.

Salem is a lively and fun kinda fellow. We would prefer Salem to be adopted into a home with guardians who are familiar and knowledgable about the Rottweiler breed. Adults only in Salem's new home. Rottweiler fans, come on down to the shelter and meet this hunk of good looking guy!