German Shepherd, male, 3 years old and 80 pounds.

UPDATE: Clayton took part in a multi-dog play group, and he was well behaved and had some serious fun. Duriing his photoshoot, Clayton was well behaved, other than the occasional jumping up. He knows sit. And wow, this dog is good looking, especially roaming around with his jaunty ear set! Clayton is all ears when it comes to dog-hood! This big guy is slightly cautious, but he was fine when he met Chipper, our fluffy tester dog. Clayton has an independent aire. He knows sit, and being a German Shepherd Dog, he is smart, and might enjoy going to canine training classes. Because he jumps, any children in Clayton's new home should be over 12, so they can understand this behavior (which is easy to stop.) Clayton is not a cuddly dog, so kids would need to be old enough to understand that. Watch this space for updates from our volunteers, and observations about this handsome dog when he joins a multi-dog play group.