Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 56 pounds.

UPDATE APRIL 2--RICK spent an afternoon on a play date with one of the shelter's great foster volunteers. She said Rick is sweet, has good indoor manners, takes treats with a gentle, soft mouth, and is an "all around good egg!" OTHER VOLUNTEER NOTES: "RICK gets excited around people, but is generally a calm dog, and well mannered." PLAY GROUP NOTES: Rick was cautious and unsure when meeting other dogs through the play yard gate. But, once out in the big yard, he was much better. Rick takes corrections well. Rick has shown himself to be social and good with the other play group dogs. We would like Rick to meet any potential doggie housemates before he's adopted.

UPDATE: We spent time with Rick when we took him to the play yard for a photo session. Rick is nervous about getting leashed up in his kennel, but once he's out, he's such a sweet dog. Rick took a liking to the photographer, and enjoyed getting attention, pets and treats. Rick will need a patient guardian who can help him gain confidence.

Rick is a bit shy, which is understandable at the shelter and suggests that he hasn't gotten the kind of love and socialization he needs and deserves. He already knows some commands and is eager to please, so we think he'll learn the rules of his new home quickly. Rick needs a patient guardian who will shower him with love and help him to gain confidence. With that, we know he'll blossom into the incredible dog he really is. Won't you open your heart to this sweet, goofy guy?!