Little Adorable Dog X NEUTERED Male, 3 years old and 15 pounds.

UPDATE 10/21: We know Ralph's true love is Amy, but we took him for a play yard romp and photo shoot, and we fell in love with him. Ralph is shy and sweet--and very, very adorable. He has the most wonderful, soft coat. After 10 minutes, Ralph decided we were OK--maybe not Amy--but he liked us anyway. Ralph is going to make a wonderful companion, as he enjoys being close to people, and he likes cuddling. Come and meet this darling little dog!

Ralph likes to make the rules. Rule 1: Kiss Amy. Rule 2: Cuddle with Amy. Rule 3: Snuggle with Amy on her lap. Rule 4: Ralph will decide when and if he is going to be restrained. Rule 5: Ralph will need an adult home with people who realize Ralph makes the rules!

(p.s. Amy is the shelter's Adoption Coordinator!!)