Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 63 pounds.

UPDATE 10/3: We took Quill out for a photo shoot and off-leash time in our play yard. And...well...we fell in love with this big, sweet dog. He was so easy and gentlemanly while getting leashed up. Quill is just starting to get used to his lost back leg, and right how he's got a no-lick collar on, and his good rear foot is bandaged up. But Quill, being a dog, never complained! He seemed housetrained, has a very soft mouth, and loves attention and affectioin. He is generous with kisses, bestowing them on the photographer and his assistant. His tail wagged non-stop, even while he rolled over for belly rubs. Quill has the beautiful, soft, eyes. This guy is a total heart-melter.

Quill was found out in the boonies of Mendocino County with his girl friend, Lexi, standing guard. Why did she need to do that? Because Quill had a severely damaged back leg. Try as we might, there was no saving it and the leg was amputated. Quill is recovering from his surgery, but it would SO wonderful if he could recuperate in his FOREVER HOME. When Quill was introduced to our big fluffy tester dog, Chipper, during Quill's meet and greet & evaluation, Chipper was intrigued with the odors of Quill's surgery, and he was not his usual polite self. We'll update Quill's bio when he feels better, and we get to know him more.