Mixed Breed NEUTERED Male, 4 years old and 80 pounds.

UPDATE: OMG, PLUTO is a love bug. We took him out to the play yard for an off leash romp and photo shoot, and it was difficult not to adopt him on the spot! He is very easy to leash up and walk, loves people, and we think he's housetrained. He has lovely kennel manners, and sat quiety while we got him leashed up. Pluto knows sit and roll over. He loves attention, getting pets, and he is a BIG fan of getting belly rubs. In just a minute, he was our best friend. For all you SEINFELD fans, Pluto is a "close talker"--he likes to be right near you. Pluto is as handsome as he is delightful.

This is a wonderful, sweet and goofy dog. Info will be up shortly, so check back soon!