Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 51 pounds.

UPDATE: Phillip loves every minute of doggie life! He's so much fun, and so goofy and friendly. We took him out for a walk, romp and photo session, and had a great time. Phillip has lovely kennel manners and sat quietly while getting leashed up. In the play yard he was quite entertaining, as he hopped around like a rabbit. Phillip knows sit, but he's basically too excited to stop long enough to actually sit! He loves getting attention anbd pets, and he has a soft mouth when he takes treats. Phillips enthusiasm is contagious, and we enjoyed the heck out of him. You will, too!

Meet Phillip--the shelter's resident comedian. Phillip is wiggly and full of joi de vivre. He makes everyone who meets him, including Chipper, our fluffy tester dog, laugh! Look for lots more about Phillip as we get to know him more.