Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 55 pounds.

UPDATE: Here's information about Pebbles, from our indefatigable foster volunteer, Laura: Pebbles had a weekend break from shelter life, and spent time at Casa de Laura. Pebbles spent time here before, and this time around, she did much better. Pebbles was much calmer, no excessive panting or pacing. She seemed confident and relaxed, easily hanging out with some of the other dogs. Pebbles went on outings to local stores and did well, allowing strangers to pet her, and took treats from them. She went on a pack walk, and was able to stay focused and well mannered with 10 other dogs around her! She was able to fall into the routine of the house by day 2, responding well to "go lay down." She's improving "sit" and "down" and it seems that she responds well to training, even though she's a little stubborn! THANK YOU, LAURA!

Pebbles is a lively, happy and sweet dog. She loves to connect with people, and enjoys sneaking in some kisses! In her past home, Pebbles was housetrained. Pretty Pebbles will need to live in a CAT FREE home. We can't wait to take this adorable dog out for a stroll and get to know her, so check back soon for updates.