Shar Pei X, 40 lbs, 1 Year Old SPAYED Female
FOSTER UPDTE ON 5/10/17 Peaches is an 18 month old shar pei mix who weighs about 40 lbs.  She has been in foster care since Feb., and is ready for her forever family.  She does well with other dogs, and loves people. She's crate trained, house broken, walks well on leash, and has basic obedience.  She's a very happy and loving girl, but would do best with a mentor dog, as she can be timid, and looks to other dogs for cues.  She would also do best in a calm household.

FOSTER HOME UPDATE: 3/17/17: Peaches continues to make progress in her foster home. She's learned sit, shake, down and she's working on stay. She LOVES going on walks, and when she's out and about, she is happy and loses her timidity. Back inside, she still gets a bit shy, but she has learned that her foster mom is her friend, and wags her tail when approaching. Peaches looks to her canine roomies for guidance, so a home with a "mentor" dog would be great for this little dog. Peaches loves to play with other dogs!

2/24/17 This is an update on how Peaches did during her stay in a foster home: Peaches is is a timid, smart dog.  In the weeks at our home, she became much less timid, very happy, and very fond of our dog.  I think she can get along with non-aggressive dogs when she gets used to them.  She seems interested in chasing cats.  She's house-trained!