Malamute/Husky, NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 75 pounds.

UPDATES 9/15: Oakley is a stunning dog, with big, brown, intelligent and soulful eyes. He has lovely manners and was so easy to leash up and walk. Oakley is very friendly, but he also has a little bit of an aloof quality. He has a soft mouth and a calm and quiet demeanor. Oakley was not a fan of the camera, but we still got some great photos of him. Our shelter Husky/Malamute guru volunteer took Oakley out and told us that when he saw a female dog while on his walk, he went into play bow mode--and we will follow up to find out if he's just partial to the girls! It's a fact that Oakley's lovely personality has made his volunteer fall in love with him! Oakely is on the skinny side, and he will need a bit of fattening up, which we are sure he will enjoy!

Oakley is an independent kinda dog. This good looking guy will need a home with secure fencing. We think Oakley could be a good hiking buddy. We're getting to know Oakley, and we'll update his bio as volunteers and staff spend time with him. Check back soon! (P.S. the shelter's Malamute and Husky expert told us that Oakley looks like he has both in his DNA. We'll be posting more of her observations after she spends time with this great dog. Check back!)