Labrador X, NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 54 pounds.

UPDATE: Nugget is very handsome dog who is sweet and has that goofy Lab energy. He's a very strong dog who has not had any leash training, and he will need a dedicated guardian who will teach him how to walk politely. Like a good Lab, Nugget loves playing fetch. He knows SIT, SHAKE and ROLL OVER. Nugget is a little hand shy, especially when he does something naughty, like jump up, and gets a verbal correction. Though he is such a sweetheart, Nugget can be nippy, so we are suggesting that children in his new home be 14 and over. Consistency and love are the keys to dog training--ask us about information on dog obedience classes in Ukiah.

Lab lovers will want to meet this Nugget! This handsome dog is full of joi de vivire, and likes to talk about it! During his evaluation, when he met our tester dog, Nugget was submissive. Check back for updates on Nugget as we get to know him.