Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 64 pounds.

UPDATE: Here are some observations about Nemo from one of our dedicated volunteers: "Nemo is a little shy. He is easy to leash up and walks down the hallways without reacting to the other dogs. He likes to walk and does not pull. He is real cautious when you pet him, so go slow. He sometimes cowers down and puts his head down. When you earn his trust he likes the pets but is still unsure. He loves to explore the outdoor play yard and loves his treats. He takes treats gently. He is a good well behaved dog. Just a little shy and will need some help coming out of his shell."

Sweet and easy-going, Nemo is a laid back, wonderful dog. During his evaluation and meet/greet, Nemo was introduced to several dogs and was well mannered and appropriate with each of them. Staff and volunteers will be taking Nemo out for walks and romps, and getting to know him. Look here for updates!