Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 54 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP NOTES: Ms. Pine's gone on Fido Field Trips and an overnight PAJAMA PARTY. Her PJ party host filled out Pine's Report Card, and checked off: "I am housebroken, i like to cuddle, I like to ride in cars, I'm social and fun, and I'm calm and laid back." On another Fido outing, Ms. Pine visited Lake Mendocino played in the water and met new people. She was mellow, sweet and calm. Her human playmate told us that Ms. Pine did not bark, loved the water, rode well in the car and was kind and gentle when she met young kids. MS. PINE also visited The Tracot Store and Starbucks. She got a great grade for leash manners!@

On her first Fido trip, the tech savvy couple who spent time with Ms. Pine posted photos of our girl, and we posted a few below. For lots more photos of MS. PINE'S GREAT ADVENTURE, click on the link

UPDATE: Ms. Pine got a second chance at life after her run-in with a porcupine. She is healthy, happy, and the sweetest girl with a whole lotta joi de vivre! When we took her out for her photo session, she was easy-peasy to leash up and walk, sitting patiently in her kennel while we got on her leash. Ms. Pine is content to sit at your side and give you kisses. She likes to roll over for some good old fashioned belly rubs. She takes treats with the utmost of care--gently and dignified! She loves her treats, is a bit of a talker, and we can't stop saying how sweet she is. Ms. Pine was one of the shelter's FIDO FIELD TRIP dogs, and she did great. Check back for photos of Ms. Pine on her outing!

Ms Pine arrived at the shelter after being attacked by a porcupine. Her snout was full of quills and she had not been able to eat for some time--she was very skinny. Under the outstanding care of our clinic staff, kennel workers and veterinarian, the quills were removed. Ms. Pine has gained a hefty 17 pounds, and she's feeling pretty good! Now this sweet loving dog is ready to go home. Ms. Pine met another shelter guest, Daisy, and it was a fun-filled meeting. We'll be updating Ms. Pines' bio as we learn more about her, so check back for updates!