Mixed Breed puppy, NEUTERED male, 4 months old and 33 pounds.

UPDATE FROM THE CASA DE LAURA: Mouse came for daycare at CASA DE LAURA, for a much needed break from shelter life. He was very excited, and explored the backyard appropriately. He met an older resident dog who he wanted to play with. He also met a 2 y/o foster dog, who's twice his size, and they got into fun, fast play. Both play hard, so it worked out well, and they tired each other out. Mouse jumped up on me initially, but responded to corrections, and stopped. He is very attentive; comes when called; is treat-motivated and a fast learner; he knows sit, and down, and is working on roll over! He loves his belly rubs. Inside the house he did well. He wasn't happy about being crated, and cried--but he responded well to a chewie, and seemed to calm down a bit with it. He jumped up on the back door and cried when i came in the house and left him out with 2 other dogs. In general, he's a happy, smart, and loving guy. P.S.--Mouse likes water!

Mouse is a sweet little pup who loves everyone and everything. Like all puppies, he will need lots of time, energy and plenty of love. And training!