Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 10 months old and 41 pounds.

UPDATE FROM THE CASA DE LAURA: Mikey’s been chilling at the one and only CASA DE LAURA since August 8. He lives with 6 other dogs!!! He’s still a puppy and has high puppy energy. He has a playmate at the Casa who’s a few months older, and they wrestle, chase, and play “mouth” with wonderful enthusiasm until they are both exhausted! Mikey also enjoys playing with a 12 y/o male, and defers to the older dog, which in the dog world means he has good social skills, i.e., he knows his place.

Mikey is: crate trained, house broken (but this should still be worked on), leash trained, and he’s learning sit Mikey has good indoor manners. In his foster home, getting on the furniture isn’t allowed, and since his first attempt at doing so was squelched, and he hasn’t tried again. He understands “no”, and has learned “go lay down”. It was reported he was jumping up on people at the shelter, however that hasn’t been a problem in his foster home. He knows what a spray bottle is and responds to squirts at his feet, which usually means “get away from the door,” as he has a tendency to want to run inside. Mikey’s learning to sit and wait before coming in/going out. He’s currently not a big fan of riding in a vehicle, and gets anxious and drools. He’s a sweet loving guy who comes up to me for affection spontaneously. Mikey is a smart guy, and can learn a lot. A training class is always recommended so that he and his new family learn to work together.

Energetic and exuberant are just a couple of adjectives we'd use to describe this teenage dog. Also HAPPY! Mike is full of joi de vivre. He knows sit, and he is very playful with other dogs. Check back for more about Mike as we spend time and get to know him.