**Queensland Heeler, 5 years old NEUTERED male 78 pounds

CCC TRANING UPDATE: Michael found himself involved in a shelter training class on 10.5.19. He doesn't seem to have had any training, but was very excited to be out of his kennel. His handler worked with him to stay calm and focused, which was a challenge for him. He went on a pack walk, and did ok on leash and around the other dogs. His new family should consider taking him to a training class to help him be the best dog he can be.

Michael is an easy going dog. He's got some soulful peepers, that's for sure. Queensland Heelers, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, are incredible working dogs, and boy, are they smart. Here's what the American Kennel Club says about the Queensland: This breed is a sturdy, hard-muscled herder of strength and agility. Queensland Heelers have immense work drive and excel at hunting, chasing, and, of course, moving livestock. Their boundless energy and supple gait make them excellent running partners. They are true-blue loyal, famously smart, ever alert, and wary of strangers. If these dogs aren't challenged, they can easily become bored and get into mischief. It is recommended that ACD owners participate with their dog in some work, sport, or regular exercise to keep him mentally and physically fit. These resilient herders are intelligent enough to routinely outsmart their owners.