Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 6 months old and 42 pounds.

Thumper is a puppy, and that means he's happy, happy and more happy! And it's nearly impossible not to be happy when you're around him! This guy LOVES toys, play time and just about everyone he meets. At 6 months old he is already 42 pounds, so we expect him to be a big, strong, energetic dog. Thus, it's especially important that Thumper's forever guardians have the time and energy to devote to training. Thumper is at a good age to start going to doggie school to learn manners, tricks, and how to be a great dog! (Ask us for information about available canine classes in the Ukiah area.) We are recommending that any kids in Thumper's new home be over 12 years of age, as this puppy can be "mouthy" when excited.