Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 63 pounds.

UPDATE 12.1 - Marty is an awesome dog. We took him out for a romp and photo shoot and fell in love. He was easy to leash and walk and has great manners. He has a lovely temperament, a solid personality and focus. Marty knows SIT and DOWN. He had a great time playing treat toss! If his beautiful, shiny coat doesn't get you, Marty's big, brown, soulful eyes will!

Handsome Marty is a shy dog who will need some TLC and help building up his confidence. When he met an older female dog during his evaluation, Marty showed appropriate behavior. As staff and volunteers spend time with Marty in lots of different situations, we'll know more about him, and will post updates. Make sure to check back often!