Collie Blend, 3 years old and 33 pounds.

UPDATE: We took Lilly out for a play yard romp and photo shoot. She is very friendly, loves being around people, and a real Velcro Dog! We think perhaps Lilly is a MacNab, a dog bred from Border Collies and other collie type dogs, right here in Mendocino County. Lilly has wonderful manners, she's easy to walk, and when she returned to her kennel, she entered, sat down, and was calm and polite. Lilly has a soft mouth, and she will melt your heart. We're not sure about how Lilly relates to other dogs, but we will update her bio as soon as we know more.

Lilly is a beautiful and sweet dog. She's a real love bucket--and a bit shy. During her evaluation, Lilly was uncomfortable when she met our big, fluffy tester dog, and she hid behind our Adoption Coordinator! We will be working with Lilly to help her gain confidence. Lilly tested positive for heartworm, and we will be treating her at the shelter. Lots more as we spend time with Lilly, so please check back!