Mixed breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 59 pounds.

PLAY GROUP OBSERVATIONS: Leona participated in a multi-dog play group, and the group handler said she was confident, and gave appropriate corrections to the other dogs, if they were too rambunctious with her.

Leona is a jovial, self confident dog. She's also energetic and she LOVES toys and tennis balls. She was lots of fun during her photo session. Leona is very athletic, and she jumps like a basketball star. She knows sit, down, and shake. We are suggesting that kids in Leona's new home be over 16, as she is not keen on giving up her toys. She needs to learn to "trade" her toy or ball, and that's what we did while she was in the play yard. Next up for Leona will be taking part in the shelter's multi-dog play group, and we will update her bio when we find out more about her playing style. Watch this spot!