4 year old spayed female tortie DSH

UPDATE: Lee Lee has only grown more affectionate during her stay here. It's great to watch her leap high up to the top of the cat condos, where she will await a pat on the head. She would love to roam around a home where she could explore every nook and cranny.

Lee Lee is the queen of the cat room! She is quite independent, but will also let you know when she is in need of being pet or wanting treats. When she's feeling affectionate, she will climb right into your lap and nuzzle you. A nice sunny window with a cat tree or perch with a comfy bed would make her the happiest kitty ever!

Lee Lee is available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Shelter. Please email Adriana at vegaa@mendocinocounty.org or call 707-961-2491 for more information.