Mixed Breed (Lab?) NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 80 pounds.

FOSTER AND PAJAMA PARTY UPDATES: Lance went on a Pajama Party and this is what his hostess said:

"Lance stayed with us for about three days and really warmed up by the end of his visit. He is a bit nervous at first but made great strides while he was at our house as I'm sure he would with any potential adopter.

Lance was a little reluctant to get into the car when I picked him up at the shelter. He panted a bit on the ride to my house and was nervous getting out of the car when he arrived. Once he got four paws on the ground, he was happy to explore. He seems to have trouble walking on the leash at the shelter but away from the hustle and bustle, he was enthusiastic about walking. He is friendly and interested in other dogs. He wanted to play with my dog, Jellybean, but she deemed him too large and would not engage. Lance read Jellybean's cues and did not harass her. He would follow her around from a distance hoping she would change her mind but alas, she refused.

We took Lance on a long walk up the dirt road by our house. We were passed by two cars and he was fine moving to the side of the road and didn't seem too worried. We met a neighbor who had two dogs and Lance reacted appropriately and was clearly excited to see other canines.

His nervousness seems to be generalized and not related to any one thing in particular but with a little time outside of the shelter, I think it will be easily overcome. He was difficult to photograph because he wanted to be by my side all the time. While I sat at my desk, he made sure to always lay down on the floor next to my chair so I could reach down and give him pets.

He is very well housebroken.

Overall, Lance is a great dog who just needs a little TLC and patience when adjusting to new situations. He is good-natured and loves nothing more than a good head scratch or belly rub."

Here are a few photos from his visit:

This sweet galoot is a mellow kinda guy. Right now, Lance is unsure about leashes, so staff and volunteers will begin leash training with Lance ASAP so he learns that the leash means FUN STUFF is just ahead! Despite his size, Lance is an easy guy. Given his sweet nature we think he'll make an easy transition into his new home. He might be a great family dog, or a best pal for someone who wants a walking pal and a cuddle co-hort!