Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 58 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Total lugnut love! Karl was easy to leash up and walk when we took him out for his off leash romp and photo session. This dude is loaded with energy. He's a real leaner, loves the company of humans, and enjoys getting pets and affection. Karl knows sit, and has a soft mouth. He's a work in progress--meaning he will benefit from canine classes, and will be a wonderful companion with some TLC and training.

Karl is a fun dog who loves flipping toys around and then going after them. He's a real social lovey-dovey kinda dog with people. Karl will need to meet any potential doggie roommatess before his adoption. Check back soon for updates about Karl, as we spend time with him and get to know him.

Intern Observations: 7/7/17 Once getting Karl out of the kennel and outside, he was easy to walk on leash with only pulling slightly and loves to greet new people. Karl is very social and sweet and loves to walk and be active.

Intern Observations 7/24/19 Karl is a social butterfly and just loved playing fetch with a stuffed toy. He is just the sweetest and displayed his perfect "sit". Karl is euphoric and does not seem to have bad days.