Mixed Breed big dog! NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 95+ pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP UPDATE May 7: Mr. Handsome went on a fun-filled Field Trip to Low Gap Park, where he sniffed the flowers and had fun in the creek blowing bubbles. He was a bit nervous on the slick floors at Home Depot! Three words used to describe Juice are JOYFUL, HANDSOME and KIND. He met four other dogs and two children during his outing, and was interested in them. Juice enjoys playing in the water, hiking, riding in the car, and running. He is social and fun, and a big, goofy boy. Juice gets a C on his leash skills report card, but with some training, we're sure he will learn walking manners.

UPDATE: Juice is a BIG dog! We took him out for an off leash romp and photo session, and he was easy and well mannered getting out of his kennel and walking. He was a real sweetie pie, taking treats with a very soft mouth. Juice knows sit and will no doubt learn more easily. When he gets really happy and excited, Juice can get "mouthy," so we are suggesting no young children in his new home. Juice will be your best friend and protector!

Juice is a big guy who is not clingy, but likes to get close for pets and affection. For a big guy, he he walks well on leash. During his meet and greet/evaluation, Juice met a very, very playful, neutered male dog. Juice seemed interested in joining the fun! Look here for updates on Juice, as we spend time with him and get to know him.