Mixed breed neutered male, 1 year old and 60-ish pounds.

PLAY GROUP NOTES: Jetson was part of a large multi-dog play group, and the group's handlers said he was social and mellow. Jetson plays ball and he likes water and the kiddie pool.

UPDATE: Jetson is a dog who is just not quite sure about things, but once he tries something out...he's IN! He was not convinced about being leashed up in his kennel...he WANTED to, but then, maybe no...yes, hmmm maybe no. But, then he decided OK, and he was easy to leash up and walk. Once in the play yard, Jetson was VERY sweet and loving. He knows sit, and he was definitley more comfortable around our female volunteer; he was cautious with our male photographer. But we enjoyed his company very much, and I think it was vice versa!

Sweet Jetson is a shy dog who seems to be more comfortable around women. We will be working with him to help him feel safer and more confident. We know that with love and patience this gorgeous guy will blossom into the best friend a person could hope for. And we hope that there is a sweet soul out there willing to give him a second chance at a great life. Right now, we think any children in Jetson's new home be over 12 years, to make sure they understand how to approach and interact with a shy and nervous dog. Please help us give this boy the family he deserves!