Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 6 years old and 61 pounds.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 6: Jackson shows no signs of being a "senior" dog--he has loads of energy and gobs of joy! In fact, Jackson has a puppy-like way about him. He's an active guy, but he loves being with and next to people. Jackson is muscular with a fabulous conformation. He enjoys playing fetch, and likes flipping toys in the air. Jackson will need a guardian who can spend time doing basic training with him, as right now he pulls on a leash and sometimes jumps up. Ask us about canine classes in Ukiah!

Jackson is a happy and very active fellow who loves butt scratches! He was adopted from the shelter as a young puppy almost 6 years ago. Life changed for Jackson's his family and he returned to the shelter to find a new home. While we hate to see a family give up their pup, it's good news for you! Since Jackson has lived his whole life as a beloved pet, he knows rules and comands and should make an easy transition into his real forever home. He is a bundle of sweetness and it's impossible not to smile when you're with this handsome guy! Check back here for updates as we learn more about this good-looking and sweet dog.