Mixed Breed female, 11 months old and 46 pounds.

UPDATE: We took Miss Banana out for a fun-filled off leash romp and photo shoot, and can report that she is loads of fun and a very happy dog. She was pretty easy to leash up, and VERY cooperative and patient while she was being groomed for the camera! HB is a little shy in certain situations, but in general, she was well behaved. She has a soft mouth, comes when called, and is a real tail wagger. On top of that, Hanna Banana is a strikingly good looking dog.

Cute as the proverbial button, Hanna Banana is sweet, energetic, happy and affectionate. Whew!! HB can be a bit shy about certain situations, but she warms up quickly. She gave Chipper, our big, fluffy tester dog, a great play invitation when the two met during Hanna's evaluation. Check back for updates as we get to know Hanna.