Mixed breed spayed female, 2 years old and 55 pounds..


VOLUNTEER OBSERVATIONS APRIL 7: "Bunny is great on a leash, and her reactions to other dogs is OK. She explores new environments and she was not very interested in treats or toys. Bunny seems very adventurous, and comfortable around people. Bunny is quiet and well mannered in her kennel and a calm dog."

PLAY GROUP NOTES: Bunny joined several other shelter guests during multi-dog play groups. Our group leader found her to be a social dog who played well with the group.

PHOTO SESSION NOTES: Bunny is one of the sweetest and goofiest dogs we've met at the shelter. We had such a great time with her during her photo session. She loves to sniff around and her helicopter tail never stops wagging. Bunny is joyful, and her enthusiasm is contagious--you HAVE to smile when you're with this girl. Bunny enjoys fluffy toys, and as you can see from her photos, she can self-entertain! Bunny is a talker, and when she gets excited, she snuffles, woofs, rolls on her back and tells you how happy she is. This cutie pie can pick up radio stations from miles around! Bunny also knows sit. She's friendly, and reacted well with our big and fluffy tester dog, Chipper. We'll be updating Bunny's bio as we get to know her more, so check back soon!