Mixed breed NEUTERED male. 2 years old and 75 pounds.

PLAY GROUP NOTES: RR is GR8 during mutli-dog play group.

UPDATE: We spent time with Roger Rabbit during his photoshoot, and he was lots of fun. He loved chasing an orange toy and was quite pleased with himself when he got it, and strutted around the yard showing off his catch. RR is a big dog, but he was easy to leash up. My, what big ears you have! RR is an affectionate dog who enjoys getting pets and massages. Roger is good with most dogs; in multi dog play group, his interaction was sociable with all dogs except one male dog; dog parks may not be in the stars for Roger Rabbit, but if that's not a deal breaker, come and meet this adorable guy! And check back soon, as we will be posting information about RR as we get to know him better.