Mixed Breed male, 3 years old and 82 pounds.

UPDATE: Mr. Handsome Hunk had his photo shoot, and he was such a good dog. He was extremely easy to leash up and walk. He stopped to say hello to the other dogs in their kennels, and was well mannered with all of them. Gerald is a snuffler, so he spent the first minutes snuffling around the play yard with his tail constantly wagging. Like most dogs, Gerald likes treats, and he takes them with a very soft mouthy. He was friendly and mellow, and just adorable. Also, he is the runner up in the Cutest Muzzle Contest (the winner being Bear, his buddy from his past life.)

Mr. Mellow is easy going and handsome. After just a little bit, Gerald warms up. We'll be getting to know this big guy, and taking him out on walks and romps, so check back soon for more info.