Mixed breed, neutered male, 1 year old, 45 pounds.

UPDATE FROM FONZI'S PHOTO SHOOT: Fonzi is an energetic and focused dog--with Mastiff in his pedigree, perhaps. He knows sit. loves treat, has a soft mouth, and really enjoys being with people.

The Fonz was adopted from the shelter when he was a puppy. But, like all puppies, Fonzie grew up. Although Fonzi had some training, he was still a bit too exuberant and strong for his people, so here he is again, at the shelter. His adopter told us that Fonzie loves treats, and is VERY motivated during training--this guy wants to learn! He already knows sit, down and stay. Mr. Fonz is an active dog who will need an active home. Fonzi would be the perfect dog for obedience training classes, which are offered year round in Ukiah. Obedience lessons are a great way to interact and bond with your pooch, and we think Fonzi would be the perfect student!