Mixed breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 47 pounds.

MORE VOLUNTEER OBSERVATIONS: "Florence is a very sweet dog, though she does jump up on people. Right now, she pulls on a leash. She greets new people well, likes to explore new surroundings. We worked on taking treats, walking nicley on leash, and Florence took part in our weekly NOSE WORK training session; she did well for her first time. Florence LOVES tennis balls!"

VOLUNTEER UPDATE APRIL 7 Florence is a friendly and sweet dog with LOTS of energy. When we leashed her up, she did pull while walking (this is an easy habit to break.) She enjoyed sniffing around the play yard and exploring her new surroundings, but she was also nervous.

LOOKING FOR A JOGGING BUDDY? Florence may be the your running partner, who will make sure you get out and hit the pavement or trail every day! Sound good? Then come to the shelter at 298 Plant Road in Ukiah, and meet this good-looking, energetic and athletic girl!