Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 89 pounds.

FIONA WENT ON A FIDO FILED TRIP! Check out Fiona's FFT photos below! This beautiful and very sweet girl had herself a GREAT outing! She was lovable, curious and happy. She met kids and lots of people, and was great. Fiona enjoys riding in cars, toys, and Puppucinos! When she was in Home Depot, she was very well mannered.

UPDATE: We fell right in love with Fiona when we took her out for a photo session. She's a wonderfully sweet and beautiful young dog. She was easy to leash up, but she did pull a bit while walking. Fiona is smart, athletic and graceful. She pranced around the play yard, then cut loose and ran around with joy--and she is beautiful in motioin! Fifi has a soft and gentle mouth, enjoys treats, and really loves a good game of catch. We think Fiona is a GEM!

Energetic and happy are two adjectives that come to mind immediately upon meeting beautiful Fiona. This girl is smart, and already has a vocabulary, which includes SIT, SHAKE, and ROLL OVER. In her former home, Fiona llived with children. We'll have lots more about Fiona ASAP, so check back!