Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 60 pounds

UPDATE: Fellow was well-behaved when we took him out for a play yard romp and photo shoot. He was easy to leash up and walk. When the photographer entered the play yard, Fellow went up to greet him as if they were old buddies! Fellow is a sturdy and great looking dog. He was not at all shy about the camera. It was hot during the photo session, and Fellow did not want to run around too much. Instead, he spent time cozying up to his volunteers, and planting kisses on them. We enjoyed Fellow's company a lot.

Fellow is a good fellow. He's got lots of energy, and he loves getting pets and calm touches. Fellow is a strong dog, and he's also a talker, and he's got lots to say! We'll be updating Fellow's bio as we get to know him, so watch this spot!