Mixed breed male, 2 years old and 52 pounds.

UPDATES: We took this handsome dog out for a romp and photo session, and here are observations: Everest is easy to leash up. He's a VERY happy dog and loves to be with people. He's energetic, wants to engage, and does jump up when he's happy (which is all the time!) Everest is athletic, and might be a great dog for folks who enjoy training and taking doggie classes. Everest likes treats, knows sit, has a lot of focus. His tail did not stop wagging the entire time in the play yard!

Everest is a happy dog who is eager to please and to bond. Everest knows sit and beg, and we'll be finding out the extent of his vocabulary very soon! Everest is easy to leash up and handle and loves to go for walks. So this guy is pretty much perfect and should make an easy adjustment into his forever home. If you're looking to add love and joy to your life, this is your guy!