Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 7 months old and 42 pounds.

NOTES FROM EINSTEIN'S FOSTER MOM: Einstein has been a great foster boy. He has gone on all kinds of adventures and he's willing to go anywhere--even to thecar show in downtown Ukiah, where he great! He is non-reactive and seems to love everyone he meets. • He is great in his crate and sleeps all night in his crate. • He loves toys and likes to play in water in the kiddie pool. • He has learned to sit and now knows down. He responds well to NO or UH-UH. • He will get mouthy but learning it is not okay. • He is a puppy with lots of energy and needs to be watched at all times.

PAJAMA PARTY UPDATE: Einstein spent a night in Janette's home, and here is her first report: •He loaded up easy in the back of my car and handled the long drive home like a champ. •He met my cat while on a leash and he didn’t seem interested. My cat however followed us around wanting to know who this new dog is! •I am keeping him in a crate in my bathroom, separate from my dogs and rotating them out. Knowing there is a new dog in the house is driving my dogs crazy. SLOW introductions are best. Einstein will be back at Janette's, and we will have more info soon!

UPDATE 8/16: A report from volunteer Janette: Einstein is great on leash. He greets new people and likes to explore new surroundings. Einstein likes tennis balls and squeaky/stuffie toys. Right now, he knows sit, lay down, and leave it! Einstein loves attention and he's a very sweet dog. He would make a good couch buddy. He's learning quuickly, as evidenced by his heeling while we walked. He pulled slightly on the way back to the shelter, but he has improved so much. Letting him play off leash in the play yard before walking helps a lot, as he can work off some of that puppy energy! ANOTHER VOLUNTEER recommends clicker training with Einstein, and said he learned down quickly. They worked on "leave it" commands.

UPDATE 7-7: Einstein is very excited when he gets leashed up and he will need to be taught appropriate manners. He seems good around other dogs, and he greets new people with joy and sometimes too much excitement. In the play yard, he explored the new surroundings and seemed uninterested in toys. He knows SIT. Einstein calms down after a walk. He loves to make eye contact while walking, and always looks over to check on his human walking partner. With some TLC and training, we have no doubt that Einstein will become a well mannered dog.

UPDATES: He's not called Einstein for no reason! This puppy is very smart, and at 5 months, he did well with SIT and FETCH. He's loaded with personality and joi de vivre! You can see from his photos that he really enjoys being with people, and getting REALLY close! We enjoyed the heck out of this little Mensa dog!

Our little Einstein is smart and knows sit. He listens well to messages from adult dogs. Einstein is playful and he LOVES toys and squeakies. We'll be adding more to this delightful dog's bio as we get to know Einstein better. Check back soon, or come to the shelter and meet our little brainiac in person!