Mixed breed SPAYED female, 1 year old and 38 pounds.

UPDATE: Daffodil is beautiful, young dog who is curious, atheltic, and has a bit of an independent style. She was easy to leash up, and her reactions to new people and places were all good. She likes treats, and is polite when they are offered. She enjoys a good game of tennis ball fetch, and she gives up the ball easily, waiting for the next run. Daffy knows SIT and ROLL OVER. She engages well with people, and she's affectionate in small doses: she likes limited cuddle time, and then it's off to explore and sniff!

Smart and active, Daffodil is a lovely, young dog. She's a tennis ball aficianado and generally active and focussed. She seems to be a herding dog mix and would make a great exercise buddy. Daffodil will need to meet any potential dog housemates. Because she is so active, we suggest that any children in Daffodil's new home be 12 years and older.