Information from Flower's guardian:

Flower is a healthy, 5 year old, spayed-chipped-vaccinated, 60 pound Pit Bull mix with the most stunning fawn brindle coat. I adopted her last August from the Ukiah shelter; her prior history is unknown. I’m re-homing her because my varied work and social life isn’t compatible with her protective nature.

Flower's perfect new person will be experienced with Pit Bulls, and will have kind yet firm boundaries. She is slow to warm up to new places, people and dogs so it’s ideal if her daily life is generally around the home. She’s good on walks if dog interactions are limited or avoided.

Flower’s perfect home has a lot of outdoor space where there are no other dogs, no cats, and no young children. Flower is not a beginner’s dog. She has made dog friends so she doesn’t require complete isolation from other dogs but limited new interactions is ideal.

Flower has never bitten anyone or any dog in the nine months that I have had her, but there have been moments that made me nervous, and I’m around too many kids and dogs to risk her protective nature anymore. She’s incredibly sweet and snuggly and playful in the evenings, and she’s on the job all day and doesn’t take her eyes off the world in relationship to her person. She will bond with a new owner quickly, and once she is settled she will become your protector. She would be perfect up on the hill with her person protecting her land. She’s a good dog.

If you think you’re the right fit please call or text (707) 292-3699, or email sabelrose@gmail.com