Mixed breed SPAYED female, 6 years old and 64 pounds.

UPDATE FROM CLOVER'S FOSTER MOM: (We've included a couple of pix, too) I can't say enough great things about this sweet girl. She is amazingly patient with dogs, puppies, and humans. (I'm still not sure what her status is with small dogs...she gives them a bit too much of a strong stare when we encounter them, so I have not let her interact...she was fine with our smalls at the ranch...but it could be a leash reaction.) • She is quiet and rarely barks, perfectly house trained, sleeps wherever you ask her (usually the couch or the bed), LOVES to go on her daily walks...gets very excited. LOVE, LOVES to go for ride in the car...often I cannot get her out...(she would totally be a great dog for someone who drives alot and wants a travel companion). • She puts up with a 4 year old, playful Cattle Dog foster boy all day long...he picks on her and "mouths" her and she responds positively and really likes him, and she knows how to let him know when she is done! But NO CATS...I have seen her get pretty interested when we saw a cat a few days ago. • The only negative thing I have seen is some growling when she was on leash at the small neighborhood dog gathering at 4:00 each day, and a bit with a few other dogs, though I really think it is some sort of warning...I don't think she would ever fight. Seems to have some correlation with the leash. • In general she is a very easy going gal...Her perfect day: She would love to just hang out, go on her (2) 45 minute walks, take a car ride, and snuggle later on the couch...

MARCH 28 UPDATE: Clover is OUTSTANDING in her field! (sorry, Clover Dairy!) And, she is better than all the udders! We LOVED hanging out with this girl. She was well mannered in her kennel, and while leashing up and walking. In the play yard, she was sociable, and just a bit shy. Although she ignored toys and tennis balls, she was very happy, and really enjoyed being cuddled and petted. She's soft and silky, and a joy to be around.