Boxer Blend, NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 46 pounds.

FIDO FIELD TRIP NOTES: "We went to Lake Mendocino and walked along Coyote dam and then down to the boat ramp. After that, we went hiking on some trails at Low Gap Park. Clint likes the river and exploring in the woods. After that, Clint and I took a quick trip to Friedman Brothers, where he was so amazing and well mannered. He loads up easy, rides well in a vehicle, he's easy to walk and loves both people and dogs. Clint loves to explore and will cuddle and give kisses. We both had a great time and as you can see by the last photo, he was tired out after 3 hours."

UPDATE: We took Mr. Delightful out for a photo shoot and off leash romp and wow!! this dog is WONDERFUL! He is so friendly and happy and joyful and GOOFY (see photos below!) Clint enjoyed playing catch, knows SIT and SHAKE, and likes to roll over for extended belly rubs! Clint is LOADED with personality, and he's a bit of a joker! Clint will benefit from a basic dog training class, as he does jump up.

Lively and fun-loving, Clint is a friendly and happy dog. He loves treats, knows SIT and SHAKE, enjoys a game of catch, and he's just FULL of personality. Clint loves to be around people, and his joyousness is infectious--you can't help but smile around this guy. Clint met Ms. Pine--one of our great canine guests--during his meet and greet, and he played in typical Boxer style--with his paws! Clint will need some basic training brush-ups as he jumps up when he gets really excited (for that reason, we recommend no young kids in Clint's new home.)