Mastiff-type dog, female, 4 years old and 89 pounds.

Oh Cherri-Pi--you are the sweetest big old girl. And what a cuddle-bug you are! Cherri wants to be right next to people. We took Cherri to the play yard for a photo session and off leash romp, and fell in love! Even though she can look like a stoic Grande Dame, she has a frisky and goofy side, and she will run around in big looping circles, then stop and check to see if you're ready to play with her! Sometimes she gets so happy, she also gets a bit clumsy. Cherri-Pi has an adorable personality and is very affectionate. She met our tester dog during her evaluation, and she was fine being around him. Cherri-Pi has Cherry Eye-- a disorder of the "third eyelid," which causes the gland to prolapse and protrude from the eye as a red fleshy mass. The shelter's veterinarian will be checking out Cherri-Pi, and we will update her bio. If you love the gentle giant dogs, come and meet this cherry-sweet girl.