Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 10 months old and 38 pounds.

UPDATE 11/14: Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and CARSON, our teenage (in dog years) puppy gotta play! Yep, this dude is still puppy-ish and loads of fun. He was easy to leash up and walk, and blasted outta the starting gate once in the play yard. Carson jumps up, but responds quickly to a correction. He knows sit, and does so in a flash. He's got a soft mouth--and especially for a puppy! This friendly, happy mystery blend dog is nimble and very athletic. With solid and consistent training, we believe Cartson will be a GREAT companion and well behaved adult dog. We'll update again as we get to know Carter more.

Carson has an energetic and playful spirit. He's as good looking as he is fun! At 10 months, Carson is still a puppy, and he jumps up on people. But, he's just right for basic training classes! Let's get this handsome guy enrolled and on his way to earning his PhD (Perfectly Happy Dog certificate) and becoming a great buddy and member of his new family! Carson likes toys and he is playful with other dogs.