Mixed breed male, 4 months old and 37 pounds.

UPDATE 11/5: This high octane puppy is a ton of fun! Easy to leash, when we got to his kennel he was hanging out with his kong in his mouth, his rear end wagging away! Cause it's true--he's all about his toys, 'bout his toys, lots of action! Not only fun and sweet, Bumble Bee is gorgeous, with a beautiful, shiny midnight coat, and an inch of white fur on his chest! BB's gotta have retriever in his blend. With training, we know Bumble Bee is going to be a great dog--he already has a loving kind of Lab personality.

He's all about those toys, those toys! Bumble Bee is a very playful pup, and he's full of joi de vivre! Toys are his thing, as you can see from his photos! We'll be getting to know this playful pooch, so check back here soon for updates!