Terrier Blend, NEUTERED male, 10 months old and 20 pounds.

UPDATE: Buckwheat spent a weekend at a foster home, and his foster folks told us he is a great little dog. Bucky is non-stop fun and action. He's smart, loving and friendly. He was smitten with the senior Russell Terrier in his foster home, and followed him around attempting to get the little guy to play with him, with no luck. Bucky needs basic manners training, as he is very tenacious when he wants something--for exammple, getting up on the furniture! We have no doubts that he will learn quickly. During his three-day stay, Bucky's foster folks were pro-active about getting him outside, and there were no accidents in the house. On his first night, Bucky was introduced to a soft-sided crate, which he protested, but after 15 minutes, he settled down, and that's where he stayed each night--his protests getting shorter each day! PLus, after the initial protests, Bucky slept quietly the entire night. Bucky is a counter surfer, and his curiosity may lead him to garbage pails, etc, so his new guardian will need to keep an eye on him. Buckwheat is a lover, and he bonded VERY quickly to his canine and human housemates. We think Bucky is a real diamond in the rough!

We're putting out a cuteness APB on Buckwheat! This little guy is big on sweetness. During his evaluation and meet & greet, Buckwheat was introduced to an exuberant puppy lacking in play skills! Buckwheat was appropriate, and just ignored the pup. We'll be posting all of our staff and volunteers observations about Bucky, so please watch this space!